Clash of Clans – first pass

clash of clans logoIt’s been quite some time since our last review here. We’ve also changed the domain to to better reflect our new direction since we will also focus on the iOS ecosystem. So, without further to do let’s head over to our topic of the day: Clash of Clans. This is quite a complicated game, with many aspects of gameplay, tactics and tips so we will probably have many more articles to come. For now, we will settle for a basic intro of the game and some tips for beginners.

Word Search

word-search-logoLuckily there are also games that will actually teach you new words (or at least their existence). One such puzzle game is Word Search from Melimots. A lightweight, simple and intuitive interface, no sounds whatsoever, perfect for our older users who appreciate crosswords and the like.

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Flow Free

flow-free-logoStepping away for a little from our traditional tower defense game reviews, here is a more common, day-to-day puzzle game that you can enjoy without thinking about complex strategies and be constrained by time: Flow Free. Although the title is not that suggestive, you will soon realize what kind of flow is needed. In a nutshell, you have a 2-dimensional matrix with colored dots, each dot having another pair somewhere on the board. Just connect each dot to it’s partner and that’s it! Sounds simple? Well, it ain’t!

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Tower defense

tower-defense-logoOne might argue that this game has a quite uninspired title. It would be just like calling Call of Duty as Shooter. Nevertheless, this Android game is quite challenging and entertaining for its genre. Out of all the tower defense games, Tower Defense (see what I’m talking about?) differentiates itself with a few custom features that help the gameplay a lot and provide a challenging experience for the player. Apart from the variety of towers and enemies, the maps themselves are unique and provide even more challenges. Jump in to read the full review.

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sporos-logoSporos is a simple puzzle game where you need to infect some cells with the sporos you get for each level. The cells are placed on a board (more like plane, since there is a neon theme) and form various shapes. It is up to the player to position the sporos in order to infect everything. The game is quite simple, has hundreds of levels to play, but this also makes it very repetitive and may lose the player’s interest easily. The gameplay is not helping out either.

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sudoku-logoRemember the time when you were opening the newspaper on that certain page because you knew there would be a brand new Sudoku waiting for you to solve it? Although the days of pencil and paper are almost over, Sudoku has moved on to the digital realm where you can still enjoy the game. This app having the same title – Sudoku – is a simple and clean way to kill time and put your intelligence to the test. With a decent number of puzzles available from start, this game will surely be loved by those who enjoy Sudoku.

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Puzzle Retreat

unnamedFor the puzzle lovers out there this is a new challenge. Puzzle retreat is a nice game about strategic moves in which you will place ice cubes on a board filled with holes and make sure all the cubes are used and no holes are left. The game is free and comes with 2 packs of 24 and 26 levels that will challenge your brain. For those that want more, there are 5 more packs you can by with 32 levels each.

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Synology DS Apps


A lot of people may have heard of Synology, the manufacturer of a top line of home network attached storage devices (NAS). Such a device is basically a small computer that houses one or more hard drives and is connected to your network. Although this may sound simple enough, the software that manages the content of the disk is astonishing. All your data is stored, organized and easily accessible from your TV, computer, tablet, smartphone, digital photo frame, you name it. However, the following article will only address the Android apps that are used to access different services on your NAS and some tips here and there. It goes without saying, but just like the description on Google Play states, you must own or have access to a Synology NAS in order to use any of these apps.

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Shift it

shift-it-logoShift It comes as another casual puzzle game, with bright colors, catchy sounds and easy rules. Basically it is a 2D version of Rubik’s Cube along with some nice seasoning of rewards and a couple of challenges to spice up the gameplay. Unlike the original Rubik’s Cube, here you will find blocks of at least two different colors. The aim of the game is to position the blocks in a way that allows all blocks of the same color to be connected with at lease one edge. Sounds simple if you are playing with 9 blocks on a 3×3 board, but things do get complicated pretty quick.

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The End App

logo-the-end-app4The end app is a fun arcade running game, similar with Temple Run. The running takes place in a post apocalyptic city, filled with burning cars, school buses and crushed airplanes. Your character simply runs on the streets with you controlling his direction, jumping and ducking to avoid obstacles or collect bonuses. There are also certain power ups you can unlock as the game makes progress and other goodies (most cost real money though).

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